Odimma’s proprietary DNA based personalised immunotherapy

By harnessing the ability of the patient’s own immune system
to specifically recognise specific markers displayed by the tumour, also called neoantigens, Odimma has designed
a potent next-generation DNA based personalized immunotherapy.
formulation ODI-2001
In order to deliver the neoantigens
in a highly immunogenic context,
personalised DNA is formulated
with two adjuvants to activate and amplify
the immune response (MVA and anti-CTLA4)
Original design
ODI-2001 combines three specific immune players which act in synergy on the immune system
when injected to patients to induce and amplify an immune response
against what makes each tumour unique.
adn synthetique

A synthetic DNA expression
system coding for the most
immunogenic tumour neoantigens
virus attenue

An attenuated virus
safely stimulating
the immune system

An immunomodulating antibody
leveraging early steps
of immune activation

The Innovative Choice of synthetic DNA

The use of synthetic DNA allows to meet the challenges of personalised medicine,
in terms of clinicals settings, efficacy, safety
and manufacturing time for an optimal patient benefit.
low costs of goods

Our Innovative and Personalised Therapeutic Platform

The personalised component of ODI-2001 is based on genetic analysis of the tumour genome
and Artificial Intelligence prediction to allow identification of patient specific tumour neoantigens
used as basis for the construction of a personalised synthetic DNA vector expressing multiple neoantigens.

Our added value is to produce in a short period of time a tailored pharmaceutical preparation
with a favourable economic profile and thus maximise patient benefit.
illustration 8 week