Illkirch (Strasbourg), France, April 17 2022 – ABL Europe (ABL), a pure play contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specialized in development and manufacturing of virus for vaccine candidates, gene and cancer therapies and Odimma Therapeutics (Odimma) a young biotechnological company focusing on personalized cancer immunotherapy, announced that they have signed a development agreement. ABL will manufacture the viral component of Odimma’s innovative and proprietary immunization platform ODI-2001. The viral component present in ODI-2001 plays the role of both a strong immune adjuvant and of a carrier for the DNA vector expressing personalized neoantigens. The GMP grade material produced by ABL will support clinical trials and early commercialization.

Cancer is a leading cause of death and morbidity worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, cancer burden rose to 19,3 million new cases and accounted for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020(1). One of the key challenges in the treatment of cancer is the improvement of current immunotherapies. Tailoring the medical treatment to each patient’s tumor characteristics is one of the most promising approaches in the field.

Jean-Marc Limacher, MD, Chairman of Odimma Therapeutics said:
« The production of our viral component is the first pharmaceutical step in the development of ODI-2001, our personalized cancer immunotherapy ready to enter into clinic. We trust very much in the strong and historic expertise of ABL in the bioproduction of therapeutic viruses ».

Patrick Mahieux, Managing Director of ABL Europe said:
« We are proud to collaborate with Odimma and leverage our long-lasting experience in viral vector manufacturing to contribute to bring solutions for the most difficult cancers to treat ».

(1) Source : WHO, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Media Center – 15 Dec 2020 - Latest global cancer data: Cancer burden rises to 19.3 million new cases and 10.0 million cancer deaths in 2020 – IARC (who.int)

About ABL, an institut Merieux company
ABL is a pure play contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specialized in development and manufacturing of virus for vaccine candidates, gene and cancer therapies. ABL’s mission is to provide GMP viral vectors from development to market, contributing to the success of its clients’ immunotherapy innovations. ABL’s CDMO services include bulk drug substance, fill/finish of drug product, process and assay development, and bioanalytical testing.
ABL is a subsidiary of the Institut Mérieux and operates from different locations, in Europe and in the US. For more information, please visit http://www.abl-biomanufacturing.com

About Odimma, innovative french company
Odimma is a French biotech company with a unique approach in active personalized cancer immunotherapy. By harnessing the ability of the patient’s own immune system to specifically recognize non-self-targets displayed by the tumor, also called neoantigens, Odimma has designed a potent next-generation personalized immunization platform. This proprietary platform has demonstrated its ability to induce a powerful cellular immune response against non-self-antigens as well as a strong anti-tumoral effect in tumor bearing mice. By design the immunization product can be produced in a short period of time and with no limits in the number of neoantigens to be targeted. For more information, visit http://www.odimma-therapeutics.com

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