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Empowering personalized immunotherapy
to treat cancer


Our mission


Optimization of treatments

Development of novel immunotherapy strategies

Improving lives

Making each patient unique

About us

Odimma is a French biotech company with a unique approach
in active personalized cancer immunotherapy.

Odimma believes in the future of precision medicine, and leverages recent advances
in the field of immuno-oncology to fight the most hard-to-treat cancers.

By harnessing the ability of the patient’s own immune system
to specifically recognize non-self-targets displayed by the tumor, also called neoantigens,
Odimma has designed a potent next-generation personalized immunization platform.

Our team


Jessica Matta, PhD,

CEO and Co-Founder

A specialist in human immunobiology and cancer immunotherapy, Jessica Matta holds a PhD in Immunology obtained at the University of Aix-Marseille, in the team of Prof. Eric Vivier. In 2014, she joined Transgene SA. She was in charge of characterizing the mechanism by which the immune system modulates the therapeutic activity of therapeutic vaccines. In 2017, she co-founded Odimma and is today the CEO. She ensures the operational and financial management of the company, as well as the scientific coordination of projects.


Jean-Marc Limacher, MD,

President and Co-Founder

A specialist in medical oncology, Jean-Marc Limacher graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Strasbourg where he practiced from 1992 to 2004. During this period, he initiated and developed genetic oncology activity, intended to take care of individuals and family carriers of an inherited predisposition to cancer. In 2004, he joined Transgene SA, as Medical Director. He was responsible for the clinical development of several cancer immunotherapy products, from phase I to phase III. His work has been the subject of more than 60 publications. This dual professional experience was the opportunity to integrate new genome analysis technologies such as high throughput sequencing and to see decisive progress in cancer immunotherapy. Since 2015, Jean-Marc Limacher has been in charge of the Department of Medical Oncology and Clinical Hematology at the Pasteur Hospital in Colmar. In 2017, he co-founded Odimma and is today the President.

Advisory board


Jean-Yves Bonnefoy, PhD,

is President and CEO at Anagenesis Biotechnologies and President of Syndivia. Jean-Yves Bonnefoy holds a PhD in Immunology and has over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry directing research and development projects.


Rémi Gloeckler, PhD,

is CEO and Founder of PharminCell, a studies and consultancy company specialized in pharmaceutical development. With over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, his expertise encompasses all the development and drug production stages with a particular focus on innovative drugs.


Alejandro Yovine, MD,

is a medical oncologist with strong clinical background and experience in global drug development in big pharma, medium-sized biotech and oncology focused CRO. His vast experience covers Phase I to III clinical trials, both as clinical investigator and as global medical lead.


Stéphane Oudin, PhD,

is a European patent attorney. He is a partner at the legal firm Jurispatent, France. Stéphane Oudin is a biologist with expertise in immunology, biotechnology and medicine.


Robert Drillien, PhD,

formerly Director of Research at the French medical research institute (INSERM) and currently senior scientist at the IGBMC in Strasbourg. With over 66 publications in virology, he is widely recognized for his contributions to the understanding of vaccinia virus and its use in biomedical applications.


Patrick Squiban, MD,

is a specialist in early clinical development and translational medicine. He has held several leading medical and regulatory positions in biotech and pharma companies many of them focused on oncology"


Pierre Coulie, MD PhD,

is Professor of Immunology at the Catholic University of Louvain and at the same time heads a research group at the De Duve Institute. He is one of the worldwide leading experts on the relations between tumors and immune system"

"Our know-how is based on pioneer knowledge
of the immune response mechanisms
in onco-immunology"

Our technology

Over the last decade, checkpoint inhibitors have revolutionized the treatment of many advanced cancers and provide real hope in terms of cures. However, the significant clinical benefit of checkpoint inhibitors is limited to 10 to 30% of patients. One of the major obstacles in the fight against cancer is that each tumor is genetically unique and has specific tumor markers.

The potential for further clinical benefit in a broader patient population is to combine checkpoint inhibitors with active immunotherapy designed to fully harness and direct the body’s own defense mechanisms towards very specific and individual targets of each tumor of each patient.
To amplify the efficacy of current checkpoint inhibitor therapies and to increase the number of responder patients, Odimma has designed a next-generation personalized immunization platform.

Odimma’s technology is based on the advent of next-generation sequencing that provides in less than one week a comprehensive map of somatic mutations in individual tumors (the "mutanome"). The panoply of mutations within a tumor generates potent neoantigens that induce a specific immune response directed against the tumor of a given patient.


Our unique hybrid approach rests on

Efficacy: delivery of neoantigens to each patient in a highly immunogenic context
Safety: treatment well tolerated by patients
Economy: rapid production timelines to meet clinical needs

Odimma’s patented immunization platform combines three specific immune players which act in synergy on the immune system when injected to patients to induce and amplify an immune response against what makes each tumor unique


a DNA expression system coding for the most immunogenic tumor neoantigens


an attenuated virus
safely stimulating
the immune system


an immunomodulating antibody leveraging early steps of immune activation

Patent scheme

News & press

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Feb 03, 2020
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